Sunday, November 30, 2008

Insurance Agency making Acquisitions

Buyer is one of the nations leading Insurance Agencies is seeking to continue its growth through acquisitions.

Travel Insurance

Are you traveling now? Then you better buy some insurance now because traveling is not very safe with so many unsafe airlines. travel insurance The website that I cam recommending is called worldtravelcenter.

Air medical evacuation insurance can be a life saver

Eddie Mikell thought he had planned the trip of a lifetime with his wife and another couple: renting a house for a week in the French countryside.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Automobile Insurance verses Financial Responsibility Bonds

According to the Financial Responsibility Law in Ohio, a Financial Responsibility Bond can be used to prove financial responsibility only when the driver is required by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to have an SR-22 filing and this ...

Famine Insurance

Can it be that God is providing people worldwide with famine insurance? Those extra pounds may save your life when there is nothing left to eat without selling your soul for a bowl of soup as Esau did [Heb 12:16-17].

Your Insurance Saved You $84.99

That’s the line that stared back at me from the printout on the prescription the bag came in. Your insurance saved you $84.99. Did my insurance truly “save me $84.99″ I wondered.

Health Insurance Plans - Benefits to Different Plans Providers

Health insurance programs change in their coverage and prices. The more than coverage offered, the higher the premiums. This doesn’t mean value that the lowest insurance premium is the cheapest.